hmatthiaspb Seller

My wife and I moved out of state and worked with Aiesha to sell our house in Los Angeles. From start to finish she impressed us. We relied on her so much to help guide us through the process. She was really responsive by text and email, and always available to answer questions. She had her own inspector come before we got offers, so that we would know ahead what the potential buyers' inspection would reveal. No surprises. It was super reassuring, and just smart. Receiving offers and figuring out counter-offers, Aiesha was great at reading between the lines of each offer and helping us sort out which offers were best, sharing other considerations and contingencies aside from amount. She has a lot of good contacts, so as things came up she brought in a photographer who took stunning pictures, painters who did a thorough job. When the time came for the appraisal, Aiesha found comps to provide the appraiser to show our house was worth what was offered. We cannot say enough good things or understate how positive our experience with Aiesha was as our realtor.

danielleclemenza Seller

My husband and I just closed escrow on a home with Aiesha as our agent and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She is incredibly intelligent, business savvy, and aggressive in ensuring that you receive top dollar for your home (and/or find and purchase the home of your dreams). You can trust that she always has your best interest at heart— she will go the extra mile to ensure that her clients are happy and receiving the best possible deal, and we watched her do it for us time and time again throughout our experience with her.

After brilliantly marketing our home’s sale, we wound up with over a dozen offers. It was really impressive to see her navigate our multiple offer situation with such ease and artistry. We closed the sale with almost $80k over asking price and couldn’t be happier with how easy and straightforward she made the escrow process as well. Aiesha is very responsive and communicative, with great customer service skills and a friendly and warm personality. She is a pleasure to work with all around, and we will most definitely be calling her for our next transaction.

zuser20170505163006553 Seller

Aiesha is simply THE BEST. She made the whole process easy, clear, manageable, and with far less stress than I could have hoped for. I have unwavering trust and confidence in her and recommend her most highly. She is brilliant, clear, hard working, and a truly trustworthy person for one of the biggest financial transactions we face in life.

Vince Baertsoen Buyer

Aiesha was absolutely amazing helping us purchase a home in such a competitive market!

We could not recommend Aiesha more. She really fought for us, every step of the way, and made sure the purchase would go over the finish line as best as possible. Always available to answer any questions we had and she really helped us navigate through every detail of the process.

Cameron Wolf Seller

We would DIE for Aiesha. When selling our home, she gave us the full 360-degree treatment and put in countless hours of work, leaning on her contacts and resources. We trusted her to use our house staging budget to balance both structural and aesthetic upgrades. She handled this entirely on her own, saving us from countless decisions and hours of stressful work. The result was that we sold our house for much more than we would have ever hoped to!

And through the closing, she continued to work tirelessly to get the sale over the finish line through hurdles completely out of her control. It felt great to know that she was on our side, keeping us constantly updated and doing everything she could to help us sell our home. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Chloe Hall Buyer

There is no one else in the world that I trust more with selling or purchasing a new home than Aiesha. When we began our house search during the crazy busy market, no rock went unturned for her to find us the best listing, the newest option, and have our application in first. She worked tirelessly to find us our home and in a crazy crowded market her greatness is the ultimate differentiator.

When we decided to sell our home, she again brought her genius to our listing. Above and beyond doesn’t even begin to encompass all that she did for us. She handled the structural and aesthetic upgrades, negotiations, showings, personalities, lenders, and more. She is communicative, kind, and the hardest-working woman in the biz. Our family can’t recommend her enough!

Kyrnan Matthias Seller

We recently partnered with Lotoya Aiesha Bailey to sell our home in the Adams Hill neighborhood in Glendale, CA. We listed our property during the 2023 Christmas holiday season (a typically slow time to sell a property) and she sold our home within one week of listing it, and she negotiated $171K over asking - incredibly exceeding our expectations! She has expert knowledge of the market, real estate processes, and what it takes to present and market homes in their best way to attract committed buyers. She is a true artist and expert in her field - from collaborating with clients, building trust, offering her client's resources, providing transparent and timely communication, and calmly leading the way to ensure her client's needs are heard and accomplished. I couldn't have asked for a better partner and friend. Thank you Lotoya Aiesha Bailey for your creativity and leadership in helping us reach our goals and facilitating our next life chapter - What a lovely overall experience and joy working with you and we are beyond grateful!

Amelia Gray Buyer

Aiesha is an absolute pro at every step of the real estate search. She got to know exactly what we were looking for and then used her extensive knowledge of the LA area (including places further afield!) to provide a deeper knowledge of every neighborhood we considered. Her knowledge of remodeling meant we had even more insight on how we could approach each potential home with our needs in mind. When it came time to make the purchase, she was hands-on every step of the way and even got us a bigger credit than we were expecting on some needed repairs. With all the horror stories I've heard of LA real estate searching, I was so grateful to have such an expert agent in our corner. At every step of the way I felt heard and empowered, and I couldn't be happier with where we ended up.

zuser20140824191855579 Buyer

We had the best experience working with Aiesha. We were 1st time homebuyers with a lot of questions and a lot of skepticism about the process. She answered everything and kept us at ease the entire time, even when we hit speed bumps in negotiations with the seller she handled it perfectly and put us in the best position possible. Beyond her preparedness and professionalism, she genuinely cares and it makes all the difference. Cannot recommend her more highly!

Reid Peppard Seller

Aiesha is an outstanding broker: the only person you should work with in Los Angeles. We have worked with her on two properties (buying and selling) at the same time, and she handled both with grace, transparency, integrity, reliability, and attention to detail that is unrivaled. Going above and beyond in both instances to make sure we got the best possible price. Anyone would be extremely lucky to work with Aiesha.

Ron Kurti Seller

Our experience with Aiesha as our real estate agent was nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, her communication was clear and timely, ensuring we were always informed and comfortable with each step of the process. One standout moment was when we encountered an unexpected hurdle with the home inspection. She not only explained the implications in detail but also swiftly navigated us through the resolution process, found multiple inspectors and scheduled all of them to come immediately.

Lotoya's commitment to going above and beyond was evident in her meticulous attention to both the minor and major aspects of our transaction. For instance, she recommended and coordinated with trusted professionals for necessary repairs, and she was instrumental in negotiating favorable terms during the closing process, which saved us both time and money.

Crystal Bourbeau Buyer

Aiesha is an absolute pro- anyone would be so utterly lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. She becomes completely invested in the process and truly finds joy in making your dreams come true. She is exceptionally talented and knowledgable in the field. Throughout every challenge (of which there were many), she was able to navigate all of them so seamlessly. I can't recommend her more - she's simply the best!

user3822038 Buyer

Aiesha was a joy to work with. Over our year-long house hunt, she was very patient and checked in regularly to see how we felt about the market and available stock. When we were ready to visit some prospective homes, she made sure all of our questions were answered by the listing agents and also asked some that we didn't even consider. As we put bids together, she did a super job helping us craft offers that were direct and fair. The closing process went smoothly and now we are loving our new home. Simply put, Aiesha is a rockstar!

Smrabinowitz Buyer

We had THE ABSOLUTE BEST possible experience having Aiesha as our home purchasing real estate agent! She is smart, talented, observant, and intuitive in her approach to showing us properties. She's also kind, receptive, and incredibly caring in listening to us and our needs. All of that outstanding professional knowledge, experience and ability along with her personal warmth and wonderful demeanor combined to guide us to a terrific home where we wanted to be---in a market with a limited inventory of homes.

In addition, she guided us comfortably through the escrow, inspection and closing and successfully negotiated credits from the seller for several items. And then, after we took possession, she set us up directly with outstanding tradesmen (plumber, electrician, and contractor) to help us complete a few improvement projects on the house. She was ALWAYS available and attentive and constantly went above and beyond for us in every way!

We honestly don't think we'd have succeeded in finding a house that we would be happy in without her. And her wonderful personality actually made the whole process not only as stress-free as possible---but also fun!! We literally hit the jackpot by having Aiesha as our agent---there's just no one better!!

Samantha Danner Buyer

Aiesha is a pleasure to work with and stuck with us through a fairly traumatic housing search in an extremely weird market that extended from mid 2021-late 2022. She helped us make *10* offers, supported us after we cancelled a purchase, and eventually helped us successfully purchase a great house in our ideal neighborhood. I really valued that she was able to think from our family's perspective about homes that would make sense for our situation, and as a parent herself, she had a lot of great tips and suggestions for us to consider.

At several points it seemed we just couldn't find a place that fit our needs in a neighborhood that made sense for us. Aiesha helped us think through our search parameters, and then checked in on us many more times to make updates to our parameters when we got discouraged. She has impressively deep knowledge of neighborhoods throughout LA and suggested areas for our search that we otherwise may not have thought of.

Between Aiesha, my husband and I, we easily went to at least 100 open houses, maybe even close to 200 - it felt like that was the only thing we did on weekends for months. I know she has other clients but it seemed like she was there for us and only us! I was always amazed by how responsive Aiesha was, answering calls and texts nearly immediately, and putting together several offers within hours of seeing a house.

When we cancelled a house purchase, she worked extremely hard to talk us through all of our options and make sure we had the support we needed to get through the process. And when we eventually successfully bought our house, she helped us blaze through a 17-day escrow period (which insanely included securing a loan), line up inspections in a super-short window, and even helped us find several contractors.

Aiesha is a pleasure to work with and though I hope I don't have to go through this process again anytime soon, I would be pleased to work with Aiesha on our future real estate needs, and would highly recommend her to others!

Chloe Hall Buyer

There is no one else in the world that I trust more with selling or purchasing a new home than Aiesha. When we began our house search during the crazy busy market, no rock went unturned for her to find us the best listing, the newest option, and have our application in first. She worked tirelessly to find us our home and in a crazy crowded market her greatness is the ultimate differentiator.

When we decided to sell our home, she again brought her genius to our listing. Above and beyond doesn’t even begin to encompass all that she did for us. She handled the structural and aesthetic upgrades, negotiations, showings, personalities, lenders, and more. She is communicative, kind, and the hardest-working woman in the biz. Our family can’t recommend her enough!

MarcoCordero8 Seller

Aiesha is the best! We could not have done it without her. She guided the entire process of preparing the house for sale, and helping the sale itself be as successful as possible. She was a great partner throughout the process, and was very patient and flexible as we had so much else going on that it took us a bit longer than originally expected. Selling our home was so important because it set us up to be able to purchase our next home (where Aiesha was our agent again). She really cares and puts a lot of effort into every aspect from beginning to end. With Aiesha’s guidance and great sense of aesthetics, we performed some minor renovations and landscaping that went a very long way, and she helped us select the right staging company. The house looked better than it ever had. The family that ended up purchasing it is extremely happy too as Aiesha is a pleasure to work with and they could see we all cared about the house and wanted them to enjoy it too.

Laura Curtis Buyer

We arrived in Los Angeles in January for a new job with a toddler and a baby on the way. Aiesha was recommended by a friend of a friend and was extremely helpful from the beginning, while we were trying to figure out whether to rent first or buy right away, and in what part of Los Angeles. As fourth-time home buyers, we were very familiar with real estate transactions in general but brand new to the quirks of the Los Angeles market. (There are a few doozies.) Aiesha knows them all and then some. If you're looking in an area she covers, just go with her. She communicates regularly, with patience and levity when things are going smoothly and with respectful urgency when they are not -- the latter is crucial in time-sensitive home buying transactions.

The market was brutal and we had very little time. Aiesha helped us focus our energy, geographic location and, crucially, helped us to really understand what we needed from a home. After several days of multiple showings and a disappointment or two in Mid City and South LA, we ended up spending an afternoon with Aiesha in Lake Balboa and found a home we loved immediately. Aiesha helped us to make our strongest bid that same day and advised us throughout the process, working with our lender to ensure the sellers had all the information and assurance they needed to accept our offer and, eventually, close in 21 days.

Alicec47 Buyer

After 20 years in the Bay Area, we decided to make the move to LA and went with Aiesha as our realtor via a referral from the design community. We talked with a couple potential agents and immediately gravitated to her given the strong sense of style/design (she also remodels her own projects), knowledge of the local LA market (specifically the east side of LA), and overall savviness/personability/ethos/vibe. To reiterate - I was really looking for a local agent who knew the area - so important in a market like this. Additionally - we are two aesthetically inclined people so the agent's eye also mattered (we did NOT want a box home flip!).

After taking the time to show us the area - I am happy to report that our FIRST offer ever was accepted March 2022 - the literal height of the housing market in LA! Aiesha moved quickly, and we were able to land at back-up on our first offer ever out of 15 offers (house only showed 1 weekend) - the entire process happened in less than 48 hours. We didn't think too much about coming in 2nd on our first offer - the other comparable houses we had been looking at were looking at 25-50 offers (ridiculous). She prepped us that back-up isn't a bad spot to be and lo and behold on Day 9 of the contingency inspection period the original buyers dropped out. Aiesha immediately launched into her arsenal of personal inspectors and contacts to get us our own set of reports asap. We used this plethora of information to carefully inform and navigate the inspection process for the first time in LA. She flagged a ton of different items to navigate and though it was against her interest - she really left no stone unturned. Aiesha provided all the information without bias - she was not pushy at all and that is rare in today's market (seriously read the Yelp reviews for some of these agents...). She is professional negotiator who operates ethically - she was able to negotiate a fantastic deal on a dream home for us - unheard of in this market.

Ultimately - we closed on our first offer at the peak of the market in East LA. As a connoisseur of design and real estate herself - Aiesha knows a great home when she sees one - she can look at the workmanship immediately and she knows her neighborhoods. As a 2nd time homebuyer (1st in LA) - she made the process smooth and painless (how this differed from my 1st in SF!). We will continue to bother her for her opinion as we make cosmetic updates and I look forward to working with her again when the next chapter comes.

Becky White Buyer

We absolutely loved working with Aiesha. She is knowledgeable, professional and responsive. She advocated for us when necessary, listened to our needs, and helped us work through some really tough moments and decisions. She is also really fun and cool, which is important since you will be in contact with her 24/7 once you hit the ground running 🙂 We couldn't rave enough about her and will most certainly use her for any future real estate needs. We also are OBSESSED with our house, and we have Aiesha to thank for that!

mrpenguino Buyer

Working with Aiesha to find our dream home was TRULY THE BEST. She was there for us at *every* step of the process -- we always felt like we were making informed, educated decisions because she was so great at explaining everything. Not only that, she knows homes and design so she can spot a diamond in the rough or tell you when something isn't worth the price/pain. When you work with her, you have a real partner and that's invaluable in this crazy market. She found us a home that checked off everything on our list and some things I didn't even know we wanted! It would honestly be impossible to recommend her highly enough!!


Aiesha is the best there is! She helped my husband and I along with our now 7 month old daughter, navigate this highly competitive LA housing market until we found our dream home. Aiesha is kind, compassionate, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. We were first time home buyers and Aiesha helped us navigate the process so thoughtfully. She listened to every single question, honored all of our 'must-haves,' encouraged us to consider aspects of the search process that we hadn't, and guided us along every single step of the way. We will WITHOUT A DOUBT be recommending her to all of our friends and family!

jeremydkopp Buyer

If we could give Aiesha more than 5 stars we would! She went above and beyond! As first time home buyers, there was a lot we didn't know and she was a knowledgeable and reassuring guide during an unprecedented time in the real estate market. We feel fortunate to have been able to find a house and we wouldn't have been able to do it without her.

She not only took our concerns into account but would voice her own, and wasn't bashful about letting us know if she felt we might be considering a less than ideal situation. She was really committed to us finding the right fit, rather than being committed to making the sale. She genuinely didn't want us to settle for anything we weren't excited about.

She was so responsive and communicative throughout the process and even checked in with us afterwards to see how we were settling. And, even though our sale was As Is, she successfully negotiated the terms on our behalf too.

We always felt safe in her hands. She is amazing at her job and everything you could ever want in a realtor.

elissa525 Buyer

I feel so fortunate to have had Aiesha as our realtor! From our first conversation over the phone, she gave my husband and I great advice and insight into the housing market and buying our first home. She asked us many thoughtful questions to understand what we were looking for, and I was so relieved to finally work with someone who actually listened to and understood what we wanted and wasn’t just sending random listings all the time! She was always there to answer questions and guide us when we had many questions or doubts, and her sense of calm and extensive knowledge always put us at ease and gave us so much confidence when we were ready to make any big decisions. She was always very organized, responsive, and we always felt like she was fighting for us every chance she got. Amazingly we got our 2nd offer on a house accepted, and we can’t wait to move into our beautiful new home thanks to all of Aiesha’s hard work and guidance!

Jocelyn Lee Buyer

Aeisha came highly recommended to us by some close friends. My Wife and I purchased our first home with Aeisha, and saying she helped us through this process would be a massive understatement. Not only does she have impeccable style (wow!), the vision to see hidden potential but her knowledge, insight, opinion and ability to work with our best interest in mind was truly incredible. We wouldn't have been able to do it without her, as she navigated us through the insanely competitive market and ups and downs of searching for our new home. She was always available, willing to answer questions and give us her honest recommendations. Aiesha guided us and fought on our behalf to get us the house that was right for us, and in the end we truly couldn't be happier! We have recommended her, successfully, to other friends and colleagues and would sing her praises to anyone looking to buy a home here in LA!

ktgrnz Buyer

I am a first-time home buyer and Aiesha helped me buy a duplex in Olympic Park, near Mid-Wilshire area, at the end of April after searching for a home in Covid with her since October. I met her at a showing in September when she was a Seller’s agent and immediately felt that she was knowledgeable, and more importantly- giving of that knowledge!

I refer to Aiesha as my journey-woman, as she was so patient with me while I went through my home purchasing discovery... figuring out what was important to me, exactly how much I could afford, what sort of compromises I could make. Oh, the compromises one had to make while watching the market climb between June and the end of the 2020!!

Aiesha never became impatient with me when I asked ALLLLLL my detailed questions, and she really looked out for my best interests, even when it didn’t serve her. She is so knowledgeable about the LA market and construction, and her astute intuition when working with other agents helped in setting expectations with me and negotiating the deals. Finally, she comes with a great list of recommendations for lenders, contractors during the inspection period and post close builders. I highly recommend Aiesha and can’t wait to work with her again to sell my property when the time comes.

allali meadows Buyer

As first-time homebuyers, the process can feel strange and overwhelming. In addition, we had a long, unusually drawn-out Escrow due to many factors outside our control. Luckily for us, we hired Aiesha. She’s incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and determined to make the best deal possible. She really knows LA County, with real intel on what's happening in each neighborhood.

Aiesha was our advocate and sounding board. She honestly managed our expectations, guided us through the entire process, and made smart negotiations on our behalf. Now we've moved into our dream home within budget. We probably would’ve given up and stayed in our tiny apartment without Aiesha. We're so grateful she was in our corner!

Ege Soyuer Buyer

Aiesha's the best. She knows the East side better than anyone. Helped me find the perfect home in my neighborhood when I didn't think it was possible.

BelleLenz Buyer

We feel so fortunate to have worked with Aiesha for our first home purchase this year. Her expert knowledge of the area and local real estate trends helped us get our home search off to a great start. Very communicative and available 24/7, she asked tons of great questions about our home goals, preferences, and budget, and always made sure that any home we looked at was considered through that lens. Her design expertise was also a huge plus, as she helped us visualize different homes with an eye towards their potential. She fought hard for us during negotiations and made a stressful process manageable. She's also connected us with a fabulous network of contractors and suppliers for post-purchase projects. We love Aiesha and highly recommend her.

kenesha sneed Buyer

As first time home buyers, Aiesha was the agent of our dreams — Her attention to detail, mixed with an unwavering dedication to us as her clients made our experience truly unforgettable. She was passionate and dedicated to finding us the right home, all while ensuring we were comfortable throughout the entire process. Aiesha is a pool of knowledge and expertise, she asked such thoughtful questions while sharing tips and insight along the way. Her willingness to answer the myriad of questions we had is so appreciated, not to mention her incredibly fast responses, strong focused ideas and infectious humor made this experience so effortless. She knows how to strike a balance between patience and care, while standing firm when needed. I couldn’t imagine working with another agent, Aiesha was simply the best. We're so thrilled with our home and all the work she put into making it happen. Outside of all of this, she is incredibly kind and thoughtful. I’m so grateful to have gone on this home-buying journey with such an inspiring woman.

S Blank Buyer

Aiesha is truly the savviest, hardest working realtor!

Since we were first-time homebuyers, Aiesha took the time to answer every question with kindness and a staggering level of expertise.

She helped us strategize throughout the home search and purchase process, identifying what we truly wanted in a home and what we were willing to pay for it. Aiesha is both extremely empathetic and an exceptional negotiator.

Aiesha's experience overseeing numerous property renovations also gives her tremendous insight into the value of a home and its potential problems. She was able to flag issues immediately, saving us money, time and heartache.

We are forever grateful for all Aiesha's help in finding our dream home and cannot recommend working with her enough!

Parkhaus Buyer

We were referred to Aiesha from a family member and could not have been happier with our decision. No matter the time of the day, she was quick to respond and always had the answers we needed.

She has a great eye for design and attention to detail. Her expertise in the area and market trends gave us the confidence we needed to lock down a house in an area we were unfamiliar with.

She put us in contact with her associates and even after the buying process was completed, she followed up and made sure things were still on track.

We are so grateful to have worked with her and could not recommend her enough. Also, she is just a genuinely caring person and only wants the best for you.

Chunhouse Buyer

Aiesha was an absolute joy to work with. She has incredible taste and knowledge of the Los Angeles area. She was extremely responsive and quick. We were looking at homes within the first week of contacting her.

During our home search process, Aiesha set us up with very practical and reasonable expectations. She was never too pushy with a property and always had our best interest top of mind.

Once we found a home that we loved she got our offer in and accepted very quickly. She also set us up with her network of contractors, inspectors and finance brokers to get us moving right away.

We are so grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend her for anyone looking to sell or buy in LA.

Jehoaddan Seller

Aiesha came highly recommended from friends who had sold homes with her. Within our first meeting we felt an immediate sense of peace. She listened to our concerns and helped direct us to what we most needed to focus on. Selling our home and moving out of state amidst the pandemic seemed less daunting with Aiesha's passion and guidance on our side! Her knowledge of buyers' priorities helped us in readying our home to sell, and her energy was immensely helpful as we faced the long list of home projects we had lingering. Her expertise helped us to not only sell our home for well over-asking, but also made for an incredibly smooth process despite us being across the country. Would work with her again if we could!

ntierce1 Buyer

Before I begin raving about how lucky I feel I am to have worked with Aiesha as a realtor, I should give a little background about myself. As an architectural color consultant, I am pretty well versed in the social and design trends of living spaces. When I speak with someone about homes and interiors, I can immediately tell how sophisticated their advice is, and Aiesha did not disappoint. When my husband and I talked about selling our 1920's home, I needed to consult with a real estate agent who would be honest and insightful about where our house fits into the current housing market. I needed a fresh pair of experienced eyes to:

- Walkthrough our home and give us a thorough rundown of any changes we needed to make according to what would have the most impact

- Insight into what price she saw our house achieving

- Who our potential buyers would likely be and how she would market the home to them

- What to expect from the process

Yes, I feel I have excellent design intuition (as a professional design consultant consult, I think it's safe to say that's not a subjective statement) but, I am not a real estate expert. In the context of my own home,

I may not be as impartial as I would like.

Aiesha is incredibly sharp. She has a fantastic eye for design. She understands marketing a home from staging to photographing the house to reveal its best qualities.

I have every confidence in Aiesha. Outside of being knowledgeable and extremely passionate about what she does, she's easy to talk to, articulate, and an all-around lovely person. If there is a niche question that she does not know the answer to, she doesn't bluff. She tells you so and will either find out or tell you who can answer. When we sell, I know I won't experience the uncertainties and stress I would if I had chosen someone else.

Ann l Friedman Buyer

Aiesha is a dream agent for any buyer or seller—especially for those who are brand-new to the process. She has it all: Deep expertise, wise counsel, incredible negotiating skills, and sincere investment in her clients' satisfaction. To begin, she asked me and my partner a series of thoughtful, detailed questions about our budget, needs, and taste. She was realistic with us about the market, but made very clear she would work hard to get us what we wanted, within our budget. And wow, did she deliver! Aiesha has a warm and professional manner, but is not afraid to be firm. She was a powerful advocate for us with other agents, inspectors, and our lenders. And she helped us understand the many arcane details of the home-buying process with seemingly endless patience for our many questions. (Why does this house cost what it does? What does it mean when something's been on the market a long time? Do we really need to pay for that inspection? What does this line in the paperwork mean? Etc etc.) She was immediately responsive and had all the answers. I know there are people who buy and sell homes in Los Angeles without Aiesha's help, but I honestly feel a bit sorry for them. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Aiesha, especially if you are new to the market or to the process. She is the very best of the best.

Paul Locke Buyer

Words aren’t enough to describe how instrumental Aiesha was to our home-buying process. We were considering homes in many parts of LA, a daunting task for any agent since most specialize in one area, but Aiesha was definitely up for the task. She was incredibly knowledgeable about so many LA neighborhoods and real estate markets. And she enthusiastically helped us look in West LA, Culver City, Silverlake and NELA until we found the perfect place. As first-time buyers, she was patient and kind with us when we felt overwhelmed by LA's crazy market or when we debated whether to put in an offer on a property. She always reminded us to trust our gut, not just tick boxes on our property checklist. She also often knew the seller's agents at many of the homes we considered and having a well-known, respected agent representing us gave us a lot of peace of mind. Aiesha was recommended to us by a friend and we are so grateful to have met her. Once she helped us find the right home, she really supported us during the escrow process and even recommended a superb contractor who did all the fixes we wanted before we moved in. Finding an amazing realtor and contractor made us feel like we hit the LA real estate jackpot twice!

mbzinnyc Seller

Responsive, diligent and detail oriented. She was patient with us, spent time addressing all our concerns and questions, and made sure that we were comfortable during the entire process. She expertly managed our "open house" during these crazy COVID times. We definitely felt supported throughout the whole sale process - from our initial meeting through close of escrow. We are so happy that we had Aiesha on our team!

katiegreenway3 Buyer

Aiesha is a GEM.

As young(-ish) first-time homebuyers, we were overwhelmed and intimidated by the process. But from the moment we met Aiesha, we knew we were in good hands. She was trustworthy, warm and responsive. Her knowledge of the local marketplace put us over the top, helping us land the perfect home in a crazy competitive market (38 other offers!).

We can't say enough about Aiesha's patience with us throughout the process. We had many questions and concerns, but she never made us feel anything other than supported -- even when we backed out of escrow on a property after COVID sent the markets into chaos. Aiesha not only understood but validated this difficult choice. And a few months later when we felt comfortable resuming our search, Aiesha jumped back in with the exact same positive energy. Seriously, she's beyond incredible.

We truly can't recommend Aiesha highly enough -- in fact, she's already helping a close friend close on a home!

Megan M Buyer

Aiesha is amazing! She is patient, informative, and honest. She was always able to answer all of our questions and set us up with the necessary resources to buy our first home. As a great listener, Aiesha really guided us through the process in helping to pick out the perfect neighborhood. I could not be happier with our experience with Aiesha and would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home!

tejal roar Buyer

Aiesha's deep expertise, direct and thoughtful communication and powerful negotiation skills made me feel both confident and cared for throughout the process. I already recommend her by word of mouth to my friends, family and colleagues, and this is why.

From the very beginning, when I met with Aiesha to discuss my goals and my criterion, I knew I was working with someone who truly listened, who worked to understand what I wanted, and who made smart, considerate suggestions to help guide me toward those goals.

Aiesha had my best interests at heart and it showed from that first day, all the way through our viewings together, through negotiations and well through closing. It was a genuine pleasure working with her, and I'm so happy in my new home.

CatherineGrace3 Seller

I met Aiesha during a big transitional point in my life - my partner and I had a very short window to be out of our old apartment and figure out how to buy our first home (in LA: one of the most competitive markets in the country). Aiesha took the time to get to know our style, living habits, preferences, and dreams. She sent us very specific listings which were reflective of her adept listening skills. Aiesha also guided us through first time buyer anxiety - her presence is calming and supportive. Not to mention she answered every phone call/text no matter what hour. Let me tell you - she is in it for her clients! From helping with financial and legal questions to connecting us with trustworthy inspectors and contractors, she's a full service woman. Aiesha is intelligent and intuitive - she's a gem in the LA real estate agent rough. I still think an angel must've sent her because on the very first day, she took us to five listings and the last one hit. We found our dream home on DAY 1. She negotiated a hard battle, and then made it happen. I can't recommend her enough.

Jimmy Goldblum Buyer

I know, in my heart of hearts, my wife and I would never have found our gorgeous new home were it not for Aiesha. She makes the impossible possible. She's a friend, a guide, an ally, and, of course, an extremely talented real estate thinker. Together, we navigated Covid, fires, and people losing their damn minds with nonsensical bidding wars, and with Aiesha's steady guidance, we paid a fair price for a home that we adore. Her patience, kindness, resilience, and unsurpassed knowledge of Los Angeles' many neighborhoods make her a dream partner. We feel truly so blessed that we found her, and if she decides to partner with you as a client, consider yourself similarly lucky. My highest recommend.

rolanabrumley Seller

Aiesha is one in a million. She is highly intelligent, savvy, informed and motivated. She and I have been friends for many years, and this year our friendship evolved into a business relationship as well. It all started over a lunch meeting at the beginning of the year discussing my real estate goals for 2019. Being a seasoned real estate investor myself, I had a plan to sell one property and roll that into another investment property using the 1031 exchange.

I asked if she was willing to dive into this wild ride. I had done a 1031 in the past and knew and know it's not an easy process. If you don’t handle your business correctly and on time, you can get hit with a huge tax bill.

She was exceptional in every aspect of the process. It started by selling my bungalow in the heart of Hollywood. It sold fast and I got record value per square foot for the size of the house....She even got it featured on Curbed LA.

After selling my bungalow the next step was to find a property within 45 days. She was excellent at providing me multiple listings on a daily basis for me to go through and decide if I wanted to view them or not. Everything I was interested in Aiesha made sure we gained access. She would do the numbers to decide if it was a property that would have a good cash flow. She knew my needs and met them. I was a demanding case considering I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a multi unit building. I wanted it to be empty, no tenants. I had many guidelines I wanted to follow and Aiesha came through with flying colors. She even negotiated a big credit from the seller which wasn't easy since it was an As-Is sale. She help me through the process of refurbishing my new property. Provided me with an amazing crew who renovated the property beautifully. She was kind enough to also assist me in finding an excellent tenants for my property. Aiesha made the process so much easier with all of her support and guidance. I look forward to our next deal we do together.

SabrinaHowells Buyer

My husband and I can't write a review good enough to really capture what it was like working with Aiesha. Being first time home owners, the process can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming, but Aiesha was there for us every step of the way. She was immediate in her responses to any of our many questions, and when we came across a house we wanted to visit she would get us in often the same day as our inquiry. She has a unique way of not only understanding her clients needs, but how to ingratiate her client to the sellers- getting the best deal possible. She gets to know you, and really gets to know what you want in a home. Even now, months after we have closed, she has helped us with referrals for any and all things we've needed to get done on our new home. Working with Aiesha has been a dream. We've already recommended her to all our friends in the market. Thank you Aiesha for making this crazy process actually enjoyable!

DickTracy0 Buyer

The absolute best. Great taste and an excellent businesswoman. As a first time homebuyer, I had a lot of ideas and a lot of questions. She was responsive, thorough, effective, and patient with both. We found the perfect home!

johannahday Buyer

From the first time we spoke, Aiesha was so wonderful to work. Her presence was a beacon of calm through the stress inducing process of buying a home in LA. Her communication style is clear and direct, and she has a great sense of humor. Aiesha seriously understands the needs of her clients and their communication styles. She helped us negotiate through two extremely complicated transactions. Working with Aiesha, we ended up purchasing a home that we didn't even know we could afford when we first set out. I have recommended her to all of my friends who are entering the market as buyers.

crob0302 Buyer

Aiesha is one of the most professional, caring and organized people I have ever met in my life. As first time home buyers, she made sure we felt 100% comfortable throughout EVERY step of the process - from searches, to home tours, to offers, escrow and closing, she made herself available 24/7 to be our support system and put us first above all parties involved.

She came recommended through several of my husband's coworkers and we now know exactly why. We couldn't be more appreciative to have our dream house and nothing but positive things to say about Aiesha throughout the entire experience. She was a serious joy to work with and now someone I truly treasure as a friend in our lives!

sswwmmcc Buyer

As first time home buyers, we had little idea what we were getting ourselves into. We knew we were ready to purchase a home, but didn't know much about the how to. Aiesha patiently walked us through every little step, and recommended a wonderful loan agent. We spent a few days looking for houses together, and she got to know each of us very well, our individual taste, and what we were looking for in a home. She has great attention to detail and helped us find properties in our price range that we would find exciting. We ended up falling in love with a house that received a lot of attention and offers, but Aiesha helped us make a fantastic impression. She's so experienced and personable that we were able to rise above similar offers. We would never buy or sell property in LA without Aiesha! She is the best!!!

anicanicole Buyer

Aiesha is the crème de la crème. As first time home buyers, my husband and I were a bit nervous about navigating through the LA housing market. We met with Aiesha early on in the process and I’m SO glad we did. She helped turn an overwhelming and intimidating process into an incredibly informative and enjoyable experience!

Aiesha's love and knowledge of Los Angeles really shined through as we worked together. She helped shed light on several up and coming neighborhoods with a similar style to the neighborhoods we were originally interested in, and this info became very valuable!

She had answers and insight every step of the way. She was also extremely patient and attentive with us as our house goals shifted throughout the process. This helped ease our mind and made us feel confident we would find an amazing home. She worked diligently until we did!

Not only is Aiesha patient, she is also organized, determined, detail oriented, charming, and overall unbelievably easy to work with. My husband and I often joked that we didn't have a regular realtor, we had a COOL realtor. This may sound funny, but its true and quite helpful during the house hunting process! Aisha's vibe during open houses always helped us stand out and better connect with the listing agents -- they always remembered and loved her!

Overall, we only have wonderful things to say. We highly recommend Aiesha.

kathykpate Buyer

My wife and I are moving into our dream home, and we couldn’t have done it without Aiesha! She helped us look at a number of properties, and even make several offers before we finally got accepted. When she found an old house on a very cute street that needed a lot of work, she helped arrange inspections and contractors to find out what it would take to fix it up. Her tireless energy, warm smile, bright spirit, and tough questions were exactly what we needed throughout the process. She charmed the sellers and their agent, and was so diligent and organized that even though our offer wasn’t the highest, we were accepted because the sellers knew we were serious buyers that cared about bringing their father’s old house back to life and contributing to the local neighborhood. I can’t recommend Aiesha highly enough. She has a rare combination of grit and charm that you need on your side to smoothly navigate the overwhelming process of buying a house. So many details, personalities, and paperwork – Aiesha sails through it all. We highly highly recommend her!

user77461712 Buyer

Aiesha is the perfect mix of friendly and professional. She was always available to talk and guide us through the process and was on top of everything when it got down to submitting offers and the escrow process.

In finding a place, she always sent us a focused and well thought out list of potential houses and didn't waste our time with things that weren't in our criteria.

We started out as clients, but became good friends through the process and now love the amazing house she helped us buy.

We would highly recommend working with her.

candicelopez0 Buyer

I would recommend LotoyaAiesha to anyone looking to own property in the competitive market of LA! She was very professional, timely and passionate about making our dream of homeownership come true. We had no prior experience with the process of purchasing a home but LotoyaAiesha made us feel very comfortable with her confidence and accountability. We put our full trust in her and were thrilled to purchase our first choice property in a multiple offer situation. What started as a business relationship has now become a friendship and we owe it all to her hard work for us. We love our home and absolutely refer her to friends getting into the housing market as well.

pjrianna Buyer

Aisha Bailey was referred to me by my daughter. I am a retired real estate broker in another state and needed help buying a condo for my daughter in the LA area. From the beginning Aisha impressed me with her knowledge of the entire process, finding the right condo, the right mortgage broker and navigating the home inspection process. She always maintained a positive attitude and never tired of my constant stream of questions. I would highly recommend Aisha for any real estate transaction.

alicia m worth Buyer

Aiesha is an incredible agent. With her help, I bought a terrific condo at the historic Village Green. Aiesha was particularly knowledgeable about the history of this complex and understood its potential. It was evident from the moment I meet her that she had genuine enthusiasm for the city of Los Angeles and was well versed in the subtleties and distinctions of specific neighborhoods and communities; she very much *knew* the city.

This was my first time purchasing property and Aiesha led me through all the steps: the loan process, house hunting, price negotiation, inspection, closing, everything. Always attentive, always with an answer, she helped me through the entire process and addressed my endless stream of questions along the way. Her patience with this "rookie" homebuyer was admirable. She cared deeply about meeting my goals and finding me a property I liked the look and feel of, but was still within budget. Another reviewer here wrote that Aiesha is charismatic; I couldn’t agree more! She is honest, forthright, charming and I'm very happy to have met her. Highly recommended.

betsy jordan7 Buyer

Aiesha was great! I am a first time home owner and was consumed by frenetic energy. She helped take the reins and calmed me with her knowledge. I felt as though I was in great hands. She also helped me negotiate the best possible deal. For that I am very grateful.

user2402093 Buyer

Lotoya was amazing! I was focused on buying a condo in competitive Koreatown. I submitted a few offers using other agents and my offer was either rejected or used to get another buyer to raise his/her offer. With these other agents I was doing a lot of the leg work myself, doing online research, going to open houses etc...but along came Latoya. I met her at an open house. At the time, she was looking at a property for one of her clients. I overheard her asking questions of the seller's agent and heard she was a buyer's agent. I asked her for her card and the rest was history. Upon calling her, we scheduled a date and time to meet. She was very interetested in understanding what I was looking for. She was also very responsive to my many texts and/or emails. I haver never owned a home before, so her patience in explaining things to me definitely put me at ease. She is also a very charismatic person and that charisma goes a long way with the seller's agent. I truly do feel that working with her was the reason I was finally able to buy a condo in my ideal location.

I highly recommend her!

zuser20140321175507537 Buyer

My boyfriend and I were first home buyers, worked with Aiesha and had an amazing experience. She went above and beyond, from sending listings, videos of home tours she saw, to visiting our home to really understand our aesthetic and what we were looking for. She is very knowledgable and was available 24/7 to answer any of our questions. She made the home buying experience easy and very smooth. Aiesha also helped us in choosing the right contractor for some remodeling after we closed.

phil mannle Seller

Lotoya was an awesome resource and agent. Her and Frank Barbano helped in the sale of my apartment building in hollywood, and the process was seamless. I've been doing this long enough to know that holding a tough escrow together through roller-coaster negotiations is no easy task. Not to mention they got me a record breaking price.